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Attorney for Building Accidents in the Bronx

Representing those injured in dangerous buildings

Building accidents may result from any of the following:

  • trip and fall on defective floor
  • trip and fall down stairs
  • slip and fall on wet, recently mopped floor
  • collapsing ceiling
  • lead paint poisoning
  • mold poisoning
  • fall from window without proper window guards
  • inadequate snow and ice removal
  • negligently maintained elevator
  • negligently caused fire
  • negligently maintained sidewalk

Building owners are responsible for maintaining safety at their properties. Adequate building maintenance by owners includes:

  • preserving and regularly testing methods of fire prevention and detection
  • maintaining safe and sturdy stairways and working elevators
  • promptly repairing faulty wires or other electrical issues
  • properly removing and disposing of lead paint, asbestos, mold or other toxic materials
  • taking reasonable security measures to promote the safety of tenants and visitors
  • de-icing of sidewalks and walkways
  • securing and taping off abandoned buildings, and installing proper signage

Taking note of warning signs that could lead to accidents in a building

There are numerous possible indications that a building has not been properly maintained. Any of the following are signs that you or others may be at risk for building accidents due to negligence in its maintenance:

  • dangling, exposed or frayed wires
  • broken staircases or individual steps
  • broken or unstable handrails
  • weak, damaged or uneven flooring
  • ripped or uneven carpets
  • falling debris, dust, dirt or other objects
  • malfunctioning elevators and/or escalators
  • peeling paint
  • structural defects or instability

Jason Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, devotes significant sections in his textbook, The Lawyers' Guide to Personal Injury Law, to how to properly handle building accident cases.  Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has shown its level of expertise in this area by obtaining multi-million dollar recoveries.

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