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Causes of accidents that lead to elevator and escalator injury

Most often, accidents involving elevators and escalators result from preventable mechanical errors. Whether in a shopping mall, office or apartment building, parking garage or other location, an elevator or escalator that is improperly designed, installed, operated, inspected or maintained can malfunction, leading to serious injuries.

When an individual or team fails to perform such a job adequately and the end result is a serious elevator or escalator accident, those individuals can be found liable for the damage they caused.

Types of elevator and escalator accidents

While both elevators and escalators that malfunction usually do so because of poor design, installation, operation or maintenance, the types of accidents that can occur differ greatly. Specific elevator accidents that can occur include:

  • doors opening with no car present and passengers falling down the shaft
  • trip and fall accidents due to uneven footing between the building floor and the elevator car
  • clothing, hair, limbs, backpacks or other accessories becoming caught in the closed doors
  • Ccables that fray or break and cause the unsupported elevator car to crash to the floor
  • passengers struck by the closing doors while entering or exiting

The following are specific examples of escalator accidents:

  • toes, fingers or clothing being caught by the metal teeth
  • slip and fall accidents due to wet or slippery escalator stairs
  • abrupt accelerating or stopping that causes passengers to pitch forward or to the side or to fall backwards and tumble down the escalator
  • a mat at the bottom of the escalator, causing a trip hazard

Experienced elevator and escalator injury attorney in the Bronx committed to helping innocent victims obtain rightful compensation

Passionately dedicated to our clients' well-being, we work tirelessly to achieve justice for those wrongfully injured in escalator and elevator accidents. At Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals injured in all sorts of premises liability cases, including those involving elevators and escalators.

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