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Qualified Premises Accidents Lawyers in Bronx, NY

Premises liability is a term that encompasses a wide range of accident cases.  A premises liability accident case stems from an accident that occurs on someone's premises.  Property owners and business proprietors have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition.  Where an accident occurs, the property owner and/or business owner can generally be held responsible if it:

  • created the dangerous or defective condition; or
  • knew about the dangerous or defective condition; or
  • should have known about the dangerous or defective condition.

Proper investigation and use of experts is crucial in premises liability accident cases.  It is often essential to obtain photographs of the accident site and witness statements soon after the accident.  Further, retaining an expert early on, such as a professional engineer, can greatly impact the outcome of the case.  The injured party has a sizeable advantage regarding investigation of these types of cases, for the investigation often takes place before the target defendant and its insurance carrier are aware of the accident or the potential lawsuit.  Hence, it is important for the injured person's attorney to promptly investigate.

Jason Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, devotes an entire chapter to premises liability accident cases in his textbook, The Lawyers' Guide to Personal Injury Law.  Discussed are the multitude of types of premises liability accident cases (as listed below) and how to best approach each type of case:

  • sidewalk accidents
  • snow and ice accidents
  • stairway accidents
  • wet floor accidents
  • lead paint poisoning
  • sports accidents
  • alcohol-related accidents
  • dog bite accidents

Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has shown its level of expertise in this field by obtaining multi-million dollar recoveries for clients injured as a result of premises accidents.

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