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Reliable Lawyer for Slipping on Wet Floors in the Bronx

Slip and fall accidents often occur as a result of a dangerous substance on the ground or floor.  Slip and fall accidents commonly occur as a result of:

  • recently mopped floors
  • slippery substances on floors
  • slippery floor surfaces (e.g., polished marble)
  • inadequate lighting
  • inadequate warning sign or barrier

In accidents that result from recently mopped floors, the injured party's attorney must generally prove that the area was mopped by the defendant (often the superintendent) and that adequate caution signs were not present.  In cases where the injured party slips on a slippery substance on the floor, it must generally be shown that the defendant either created the dangerous condition or knew about the dangerous condition prior to the accident.

Jason Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, devotes an in-depth discussion in his textbook, The Lawyers' Guide to Personal Injury Law, to properly handling wet floor accident cases.  Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has shown its level of expertise in this area by obtaining multi-million dollar recoveries.

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