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Highly Qualified Bronx Lawyer for Construction Accidents

Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has an understanding of, and respect for, the workers who are involved in the construction, demolition, alteration and painting of buildings, bridges, roadways and related structures, as well as those injured while excavating lands.  These hard-working people are often exposed to dangers and hazards at the worksite, while being provided with inadequate safety devices.  As a result, serious injuries (and/or death) and significant economic losses often occur.  This area of the law requires an attorney who has specialized knowledge of construction accident litigation, as well as an understanding of the effects of  serious injuries to wage earners and their families.  Construction accidents include the following:

  • scaffold accidents
  • ladders accidents
  • roofing accidents
  • falls from heights
  • falling objects
  • falls through open spaces
  • falls through elevator shafts
  • falls through stairwells and hatchways
  • forklift accidents
  • crane accidents
  • electrical accidents
  • demolition accidents
  • trenching/excavation accidents
  • unsafe/defective equipment
  • welding accidents
  • flammable material accidents

Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC is experienced in handling construction accident cases involving various construction trades, including:

  • scaffold erection/dismantling accidents
  • plastering-drywall accidents
  • roofing-siding accidents
  • window washing accidents
  • carpentry accidents
  • masonry-stone setting accidents
  • wrecking-demolition accidents
  • painting-paper hanging accidents
  • sheet metal work accidents
  • floor-wall-ceiling tiling accidents
  • floor laying and other floor work accidents
  • concrete work accidents
  • glass and glazing work accidents
  • installation of building equipment accidents
  • water-well drilling accidents
  • structural steel erection accidents
  • steam fitter accidents
  • other specialized trade accidents

Jason Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, devotes an entire chapter in his textbook, The Lawyers’ Guide to Personal Injury Law, to the proper handling of construction accident cases, as well as the myriad pitfalls for lawyers to beware of.  Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has shown its dedication and level of expertise in this area by recovering numerous multi-million dollar awards for laborers severely injured as a result of unsafe conditions at the worksite.

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