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Sidewalk Bridge Accident Lawyers in the Bronx

Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC has a deep appreciation for the laborers who risk their lives daily -- in order to provide for themselves and their families -- by working at elevated heights in order to erect and dismantle sidewalk bridges (also known as sidewalk sheds).  These hard-working laborers are often not provided any safety devices, as the mobility required by their jobs prevents the use of harnesses in many cases.

Typical sidewalk bridge/sidewalk shed accidents occur due to one or more of the following:

  • collapsing sidewalk bridge/shed
  • breaking of wood or other parts of the sidewalk bridge/shed
  • swaying, moving, or other instability of the sidewalk bridge/shed
  • sack of guard rails to protect workers from falling
  • lack of safety devices made available for sidewalk bridge/shed laborers

Pursuant to Local Law 10 of the City of New York, sidewalk bridges/sheds must be installed when a building higher than 40 feet is under construction or when any part of a facade more than 40 feet above the curb is altered or repaired.  The purpose of sidewalk bridges/sheds is to protect pedestrians from being struck by (or tripping on) falling debris or falling tools.  Unfortunately, in an effort to shield innocent pedestrians from injury, many of the sidewalk bridge/shed workers (erectors and dismantlers) are forced to place themselves at risk of serious injury and/or death.  Sidewalk bridge/shed workers are commonly required to work at great heights without being supplied with any fall arrest systems or other safety devices.  As a result, when a sidewalk bridge/shed unexpectedly moves or collapses – as often occurs in the course of its erection or dismantling – the worker(s) lose their balance, fall to the ground below, and sustain very serious injuries and economic losses.

Claims can be brought against the property owner, the general contractor and their agents, under Labor Law section 240 (due to inadequate safety devices) and Labor Law section 241 (due to violations of the NYS Industrial Code regulations regarding the sidewalk bridge/shed construction requirements).

We at Shapiro Law Offices, PLLC, have great expertise in handling cases that arise from sidewalk bridge/shed accidents.  Having handled numerous multi-million dollar cases in this area, we are extremely current on the state of the ever-evolving laws.

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